Trade out of poverty. Let the poorest countries prosper through trade. 

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What is Trade Out of Poverty About?

Trade Out of Poverty is an independent charity dedicated to helping end poverty by raising awareness of the importance of trade as a route out of poverty, and researching ways of enabling poor countries to develop through trade.

We believe trade policy should get the same focus as has been given to aid and debt relief.


Because trade has always offered countries a path to prosperity. The developing worldʼs success stories – Korea, China, Brazil – used trade to become what they are today.

So what is stopping other countries doing the same?

A lot of factors. The poorest countries face an even harder struggle to follow in the footsteps of countries like China, India and Brazil since they have to compete against those low wage economies who have already achieved a critical mass of industrialisation. But in particular they are suffering because we in the developed world wonʼt let them trade their way up:

  • We block their exports to us or demand too much in return
  • We subsidise our own exports and dump surpluses destroying their industries and agriculture
  • We impose complex rules of origin that make a mockery even of our commitments to give a few countriesʼ exports preferential treatment.

And – in a supreme irony – they often impose high tariffs on each other to raise money because of their low domestic tax bases.

There are other barriers too. Poor countries typically lack infrastructures to get goods to market and they may lack administrative structures to meet quality standards in end markets.

This is a very important issue which has not received a fraction of the attention it deserves. We are determined to remedy that.